mouldingWe carry many wood and MDF mouldings in stock: base, casing, cove, crown, cornices, handrails, panel molds, lattices and more! The right moulding can give the various rooms in your home a great look for not a lot of money. To add character to a smaller room with low ceilings, it’s probably best to select narrower baseboards without a lot of detail. This will add dimension to the space without making it appear smaller. Larger rooms and homes with high ceilings throughout are great candidates for crown moulding. Situated at the top of a wall, where the wall and ceiling conjoin, great crown molding is a fantastic architectural element that can really boost a property’s appeal. Do different rooms in your house have different needs? Are you considering going more traditional in the kitchen but modern in the bathrooms and media room? Have a long boring hallway you’d like to jazz up with an interesting wall treatment and trim or moulding? Tell us all about it. We can help.


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